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1. _______ ship turned over and sank (沉沒) off _______ island in South Korea on April 16.

A. The; the

B. The; an

C. A; the

D. A; an

2. The world paused to remember a cultural giant _______ April 17 after Nobel Prize-winning writer

Gabriel Garcia Marquez died _______ the age of 87.

A. on; at

B. on; in

C. at; at

D. at; in

3. ---What do you think of the bridge?

---I have never seen _________ before.

A. so a long one

B. so long one

C. such a long one

D. a such long one

4. We all want to try something new, but finding the _________ to start is always the hardest part.

A. success

B. pride

C. courage

D. progress

5. They said they would have ____________ holiday.

A. two months

B. a two-month

C. two-months

D. two-month’s

6. Frank often wears a mask _____ he can keep fit in the foggy and hazy (霾) weather.

A. only if

B. until

C. so that

D. even though

7. ---Why didn’t you enjoy the talk?

---It was __ _talk that I had ever listened to.

A. the most interesting

B. the least interesting

C. more interesting

D.1ess interesting

8. ---Is the Youth Center open to the public yet?

---Yes. It ______ for almost one and a half years.

A. has opened

B. has being opened

C. has been open

D. was open

9. There is no doubt ________ the Diaoyu Island is part of China's territory.

A.whether B.when C.why D.that

10. Traditionally, Chinese people _______ the Chinese characters Double Happiness and stick them onto walls or

doors at the weddings.

A.look out B.cut out C.give out D.come out

11. ---I think students should have mobile phones to call their parents.

---___________. They often use them to play games instead.

A. I hope so

B. I don’t agree

C. No problem

D. Good idea.

12. Some physics problems in this book are _________difficult for the students _________work out.

A. so; that

B. not; but

C. such; that

D. too; to

13. ---Lucy doesn’t mind lending you her dictionary.

---I think she doesn’t, but I ________do so. I’ve already borrowed one.

A. needn’t

B. mustn’t

C. can’t

D. shouldn’t

14. ---You're really a big help!

---________. Many people will feel kind of airsick on the plane.


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